DistroKid Is Beta Testing A Video Distribution Service


DistroKid will call the service DistroVid.

DistroVid is now under beta testing to evaluate artist interest, according to DistroKid. Artists are encouraged to test it out and provide feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Artists’ initial reactions on Twitter appear to be mixed. Some have questioned why music video distribution is separate from the service.

Music videos are the emphasis of the new video distribution business. It charges indie musicians $129 each year to distribute their music videos on platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and Vevo. Artists can share as many music videos as they want each year and keep 100% of the profits.

Others believe that charging artists $129 a year in addition to DistroKid’s fees is excessive. It’s unclear where the service will stand in response to such complaints. The DistroVid Gallery, a collection of all music videos submitted by DistroVid, is also available.


The types of music videos that can be posted through the site are restricted. The limited video kinds are listed with the basic video format requirements on DistroVid. Lyric videos, advertising videos, cover song videos, and mash-up videos are all prohibited.

In terms of money, the new music video distribution service follows the same strategy as DistroKid. When retailers transfer artist earnings back to DistroVid, it goes straight to your DistroVid bank account. “We believe that you should not provide your distributor a share of your earnings for streams/sales. The money belongs to you, not them, according to the DistroKid website.

DistroKid only takes a cut when artists choose to use the YouTube Content ID service. It’s a paid service that locates videos that feature your music and instructs YouTube to monetize them in your favor. DistroKid keeps 20% of the revenue generated this way, while artists keep the other 80%.


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