Did YFN Lucci Snitch on Young Thug?! A deep dive into the five-year history of YSL Vs. YFN.

With a beef spanning more than five years over a social media post, Young thug’s recent indictment has the streets asking, “Did YFN Lucci cooperate to bring down YSL?


Before getting started, let me say this: You are about to read an opinionated take on the Yfn Lucci/Young thug beef. I will make sure the facts are clear, but I will give my opinion on what happened. So, the author’s views do not represent the views of rap aechelon or its subsidiaries.

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With the recent arrests and indictments of famous Atlanta rappers Young Thug and Gunna, this past Monday and more than 25 other members of the Young Slime Life crew AKA YSL for crimes ranging from drugs and gun possession, this past Monday to RICO and murder.

The industry has had many theories on how this happened, and we will explore one of those today.

One of the biggest revelations in the ongoing case and the topic of discussion today is the FEDs receiving information that Atlanta rapper and rival to Young Thug; YFN Lucci, had an attempt made on his life while incarcerated at Fulton County Jail in Georgia, where he currently is awaiting trial for his alleged role in a felony murder case back in 2021.

Initially, we didn’t know the alleged identity of the assailants who attacked Lucci or associated with the assailants. The Fulton County DA later revealed that the assailants were a part of Thug’s YSL crew; apparently, Thug greenlit the hit on Lucci.

Anyone from the streets will tell you that when the FEDs come to get you, they have all the info they need to indict you. That information comes from investigations, surveillance, and, most importantly, confidential informants or a snitch. The indictment came two months after YFN Lucci and his lawyers filed a motion to be released from jail because he feared for his life. At the time, the media only reported that he was in an altercation in jail, with the attempt on his life seen as a common jail occurrence; the media initially did not mention any ties to Thug or Ysl.

Young Thug was very direct in his feelings towards Yfn Lucci in this viral IG story post from 2019.
Young Thug was very direct in his feelings towards Yfn Lucci in this viral IG story post from 2019.

The beef between these two young black brothers stems from the stupidest of things, a Twitter post. In 2017, Thug took to Twitter to compare himself to legendary Death Row artist the late Tupac. Lucci seemingly took offense and responded, “Tupac never wore a dress.” This minor exchange turned into five years of threats, allegations of sexual relations with significant others, disses, and, more recently, violence between the two artists and their crews.

Those are the facts, but that’s not why you’re here; you want to know if Lucci cooperated with the FEDs; let’s talk about it.

For Lucci to be granted home confinement while dealing with his current legal troubles, he and his lawyer would have to prove to the judge that this was not an isolated incident but that this would continue to happen. He would need to admit that he has severe beef to warrant special protection. Because Lucci allegedly participated in racketeering and murder, it would be reasonable that the courts would not be super keen to release him, seeing as though the rapper has reportedly terrorized his community.

So, how could he protect himself while incarcerated and a target? By cooperating with the FEDS and giving them information to help them with the case they were reportedly already building. Lucci benefits the most from Thug being in jail and anyone associated with him.

Right after the YSL indictment was made public, a report came that Lil Baby and his crew 4PF, Playboy Carti, and his crew are now a part of a list of high-level gangs in Atlanta that the FEDS are going after. I believe Lucci inadvertently helped the FEDs take down some of the biggest names in Atlanta rap out of fear of dying. I hope this theory is wrong and pray for all involved, but if I were Lucci, I would make sure the world knows I had nothing to do with this current federal sweep of rappers and their crews.

My name is 448 Suge, and this was just a theory, a Hip Hop theory. Thanks for reading!

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