Detectives Set To Testify In YNW Melly Murder Trial


YNW Melly claims to be innocent, but Detectives say he was the shooter.

According to a police detective who will testify at Melly’s upcoming trial, YNW Melly was the one who pulled the trigger in the deaths of his two friends.

YNW Melly

Prosecutors will call in police detective Christopher Williams as an expert witness to say that it is “more likely” that YNW Melly shot the person who died from the back seat of a car.

It appears to be a more likely scenario, according to the detective, who claims to have extensive training and expertise in reenacting shootings. In the end, it was Melly who fired the fatal shots, not his co-defendant, Cortlen Henry. To recall, police said that during their initial investigation, they found that Melly had shot the men and that he and Henry had then staged the crime scene to appear as though it had been a drive-by shooting.

YNW Melly

Using the angles of the bullet holes and gunshot wounds, Detective Williams was able to re-create the shooting, and he believes that the shooter was sitting in the backseat, behind the driver. He claims that the gun was fired no more than 8 inches away from his face.

Melly lawyers tried to have the detective excluded as an expert witness at trial but were denied his motion by the court, essentially saying testimony doesn’t have to be 100% conclusive in order to be admissible in court. Melly’s legal team will be able to question the detective extensively about his findings and methodology, the judge said.

YNW Melly

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