Dave Chappelle Attacked On Stage In L.A.


Dave Chappelle was filming for a Netflix special.

After storming the stage and tackling Dave Chappelle to the ground in front of a stunned audience at a Netflix concert in Los Angeles, an assailant was left with a fractured arm. Last night’s Netflix Is A Joke event video shows a man charging onstage and leaping on the celebrity before getting to his feet and fleeing offstage, eluding the security.

Jamie Foxx, who was watching the concert from the Hollywood Bowl’s wing wearing a sheriff’s helmet, raced to assist in apprehending the attacker, who was then reportedly punched and kicked by ten members of Chappelle’s security after being apprehended.

The suspect was then seen being treated by paramedics for what seems to be a badly damaged arm before being transported to the hospital in an ambulance.

According to conflicting reports, the suspect was armed with a gun and a knife, but Los Angeles police have not confirmed this.

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