Daemon Releases “The Raw Uncut” Music Video


Daemon is looking to take over the industry this year and nothing will stand in his way!

You’ll believe Daemon when he says, “Can’t be stopped, better get out of the way.”

The song’s neck-snapping breakbeats, excellent soul samples, and razor-sharp flow are punctuated by the lyrics from “Turn the World Around.” The single is attracting a lot of attention as well. It appears in the Xbox exclusive Forza Horizon 5 as well as in-game advertisements.


It’s the latest from an artist who proves that you can adapt, progress, and grow while still getting people to nod their heads. Daemon tells meaningful stories, such as in the single “Letter to My Best Friend,” which turned loneliness into inspiration. Other times, as on “Feel Good,” a track so righteous Bernie Sanders used it as his walk-out music, he spits with speed and agility over old-school soul breaks. Then, when you least expect it, he creates a new genre, such as grunge-trap, on the track “The Bad Time” and the Gifted EP.

Daemon has also worked with Killer Mike, Run the Jewels’ DJ Trackstar, DJ Shadow, and others. His work has appeared on Netflix (“Inventing Anna,” “Daybreak,” and “Work It”), FOX (“Ghosted”), Starz (“Power“), Mini Cooper, and Sephora advertisements, and TBS (“The Last O.G.).


Daemon’s “The Raw Uncut” is the first single from City Wide Sessions: Capolation is here. This is only a taste of some of the rawest rap music ever made by the St. Louis Underground, one of the most amazing hip-hop scenes on the planet.

DAEMON – THE RAW UNCUT – MUSIC VIDEO BLURB: Directed by Arthur Yore and shot at Gaslight Studios in St. Louis. Check It Below




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