Cypress Hill Releasing New Music Saying It Is The End Of Their ‘Traditional Album’ Run


Cypress Hill released their first album in 1991.

“Back In Black,” a new album by Cypress Hill, will be released soon. According to NME, the band has already set its sights on the future, announcing that the release after their impending 10th album would be their “Last Traditional” record.

Cypress Hill

B-Real has spoken about the band’s future goals, saying:

“After this, the following album will be the last classic Cypress Hill record. We’ll continue to produce songs after that. We’re not going to quit for nothing, but we’d want to shake things up a bit.”

“Putting out an album isn’t what it used to be, and people’s attention spans are shorter these days. We used to prefer to take people on a trip with the record, but that’s becoming more difficult in this day and age.”

The group’s follow-up to 2018’s “Elephants On Acid,” “Back In Black,” is set to be released on March 18. Check out “Bye Bye,” track featuring Dizzy Wright, below:

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