Chris Johnson Ex-NFL Player Opens Up About Shooting That Almost Killed Him


Chris Johnson talks about a few things in this interview.

Chris Johnson is speaking out about the incident that claimed the life of a buddy and left the NFL player seriously wounded. He said that he feared his professional football career would come to an end.

Chris Johnson

For an episode of the Ex-Pro Bowlers “I Am Athlete” show, the 36-year-old former All-Pro sat down with writer Omar Kelly and Brandon Marshall and recalled the March 2015 morning when he was shot in the shoulder and his buddy Rollie was slain.

Johnson, who was one of the finest running backs of his day and played 10 seasons in the NFL, started his career playing for the Tennessee Titans in 2008, was traded to the New York Jets in 2014 than a year later traded to Arizona Cardinals.

Chris Johnson

Chris was severely wounded as a consequence of the shooting. He informs Brandon that he was only in Florida to attend a concert put on by a friend who was due to be sentenced to jail for a number of years and that he wanted to hang out with him and say goodbye.

The night, however, took a turn for the worst, and Chris came dangerously close to losing his life.

Watch Interview Below:

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