Chlöe Bailey Teams Up With TRIDENT For #ChewTheVibes Challenge


Chlöe Bailey the new face of TRIDENT?

TRIDENT company has teamed up with popular R&B artist Chlöe Bailey to drop a song as part of the new #ChewTheVibes Challenge.

Chlöe Bailey

The new TRIDENT VIBES featuring SOUR PATCH KIDS gum is a taste explosion in your mouth, with a candy-like crisp outside and a sour-than-sweet, juicy chew within. There are three different flavors available, however, only two of them (Redberry and Blue Raspberry) are carried by most retailers.

TRIDENT Gum is teaming up with Chlöe Bailey for the #ChewTheVibes TikTok Challenge in celebration of their new flavorful gum. By uploading TRIDENT VIBES on TikTok, Chlöe is challenging her music and gum lovers to dance and chew along to the song in unison (use of gum is not required). Between September 13 and 19, 2022, fans who want to participate in a dance contest can submit their own renditions of the routine on TikTok.

Chlöe Bailey

According to Rohit Sakhamuri, TRIDENT Gum Brand Manager at Mondelz International, “TRIDENT Gum is excited to work with Chlöe, an exceptionally talented and enthusiastic musician, for our #ChewTheVibesChallenge.” “Chlöe is the embodiment of our new challenge; her music and spirit are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.”

Chlöe Bailey

You may participate in the #ChewTheVibes Challenge by keeping an ear out for Chlöe’s song on TikTok and posting your own rendition of the dance. If you’d like to read the challenge’s official rules, you may do so at or by clicking the link in the @therealtridentgum bio on TikTok. Prizes include cash and headphones signed by Chlöe herself, and winners will be contacted on or around October 10, 2022. Additional films from the #ChewTheVibes Challenge will be shared on the TRIDENT Gum TikTok channel.

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