Casanova Pleas Guilty To Federal RICO Charges


Casanova has been in federal custody since 2020.

Casanova, who has been incarcerated since he turned himself into FBI officials in late 2020, entered a guilty plea on Wednesday (May 11) in his RICO case, admitting guilt to a number of charges related to the case.

As a result of his leadership role in the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation Bloods (UGSNB) Gang, federal prosecutors have charged him with narcotics trafficking, armed robbery, and possession of a firearm. According to ABC7, the Brooklyn rapper has pled guilty in the racketeering case against the UGSNB gang, making him the 13th defendant to do so in the case. He was being investigated for crimes that are said to have been committed in multiple states, ranging from New York to Florida.

Photo Credited To NY Post

Cas pleaded guilty to the United States Attorney’s Office that he played a role in a shooting that occurred in Florida in July 2020, a robbery that occurred in New York City in 2018, and that he trafficked more than 100kg of marijuana. Sentencing is scheduled for December, he is facing anywhere from 5 years to 60 years depending on the deal he took.


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