BTS’s Last Album “Proof” To Be Released on June 10th


BTS has its fans hyped and ready for this album which has 48 songs.

BTS, the phenomenon group of South Korea, will reportedly release their long-awaited new album under the title “Proof” on June 10th, 2022, only three days before the ninth anniversary of their start as a group. The announcement was made by Big Hit Music.

The album will have a total of 48 songs, which will be spread across three CDs. Some of these songs will be re-recordings of songs from their previous, critically acclaimed albums, such as “Run,” “DNA,” “Fake Love,” “Life Goes On,” “Dynamite,” “ON,” “Boy With Luv,” and “Butter.”

They will also contain several songs that the members have written on their own or with other sub-units, such as “Epiphany,” “Seesaw,” “Singularity,” “Filter,” “Euphoria,” and “Moon,” among others. Longtime fans may recognize the titles of some of the songs on the album; nevertheless, the majority of the tracks on the album are going to be remixes and demos that have never been released before.

The album will also include three songs that have never been released before, and their titles are “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment),” “Run BTS,” and “For Youth.” The latter of these songs will be the only one on disk 3 of the album that can be streamed or downloaded from digital music services. In addition, the CD version includes two brand new tracks, “Young Love” and “Quotation Mark,” both of which are only available on the CD.

The first CD is going to be a document of BTS’s journey, the second CD is going to reflect on each member’s individual musical taste and style, and the third CD is going to be dedicated to ARMY, BTS’s devoted fanbase. As we travel the road of self-discovery and development together with BTS, there will be something for both new and longtime fans to enjoy along the way.

“Born Singer,” a remake of J. Cole’s “Born Sinner” (2013), is one of the songs that has fans the most excited from the tracklists that have been revealed so far. BTS dedicated this song to their fans for always being there for them throughout their difficult journey from being broke artists to becoming world-famous superstars. The song was previously only available on the Soundtrack.

BTS is developing an anthology record, following in the footsteps of legendary bands such as The Beatles, Queen, and Jackson 5 before them, thanks to the constant love of their fans and the enormous diversity of their legacy. The meaning of the album’s title, “Proof,” can be interpreted in two ways. First, it is an allusion to BTS’ Korean name, Bangtan Sonyeondan, which, when translated from Korean to English, means “Bulletproof Boy Scouts.” Second, it is intended to provide evidence to those who wonder why BTS is such a contemporary global phenomenon.

This is also quite likely to be the last full-length album that BTS releases before its members are required by the Korean government to serve in the South Korean Army as part of their mandatory military service.

Fans cannot wait to hear what BTS has in store for them after the release of this album, which will signal the end of one chapter in the band’s rapidly progressing career and the start of an entirely new one.

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