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Blueface Mom Allegedly Attacked In Home By 4 Men

Blueface hasn’t made any comments as of yet.

Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, and her husband were involved in a violent conflict with four males who broke into the residence where they were staying in Santa Clarita. According to reports, the males broke a rear window about midnight but ran away for unknown reasons, prompting Blueface’s mother and stepfather to phone the police, who responded and took a complaint.


According to reports, the suspects returned a few hours later and somehow gained entry into the home, and Blueface’s stepfather heard something below and went downstairs to check. We’ve been informed that the stepfather accidentally bumped into one of the accused, and the two got into a fight. According to our reports, a further assailant entered the room and pointed an item at the stepfather before beating him in the head with it before fleeing.

There have been reports of a concussion and injuries needing 10 stitches near his left eye in addition to his face being a gory mess, according to witnesses. According to our sources, the four suspects ran away and the family phoned the police, who arrived and sent his stepfather to the hospital for treatment. He has now been freed from custody.

A second police complaint has been filed, and we’ve been informed that the Santa Clarita County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating… but no arrests have been made so far, and it seems that nothing has been stolen from the residence. One possible explanation is that Blueface was the intended victim… yet he wasn’t at home at the time and doesn’t reside in the neighborhood.

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