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Beyoncé Removes Kelis Interpolation From Renaissance Track

Beyoncé has made changes twice so far on this Renaissance album.

In response to Kelis’ complaint, Beyoncé has deleted an interpolation of Milkshake from her album track Energy.

Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, who created and produced Kelis’ Milkshake and her 1999 song Get Along With You and didn’t get permission to use them on Beyonce’s album Energy, were also slammed by Kelis.


Although it was initially utilized as background music at the conclusion of Energy, it has now been taken out entirely. Drums from “Get Along With You” were still included in the track.

For not having the “basic courtesy” to approach Kelis about the interpolations, Beyoncé has been slammed on social media by Kelis. However, because Kelis did not compose the songs and does not hold the copyright, the pop artist was not obligated to ask Kelis’ permission. Both of Kelis’ songs were written by Williams and Hugo, who are credited on Energy.


Beyoncé has made two updates to Renaissance since it was released on Friday, the most recent of which is this. Additionally, the word “s**z” was stricken from the song. After being slammed by disability rights groups for using a disparaging phrase to describe people with spastic cerebral palsy, she became enraged. The term “blast” has supplanted it.

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