Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Tie The Knot


Ben Affleck and Jennifer got engaged last year.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are officially husband and wife, and wouldn’t you know it, they eloped to the desert and said their vows.

TMZ has obtained court papers showing the pair was married on July 16 in Clark County, Nevada. Both of their names are on the title deed… Affleck, Benjamin Geza, and Lopez, Jennifer Lynn.

Ben Affleck

Someone close to Bennifer has confirmed that the couple has tied the knot and that the marriage certificate serves as proof. J. Lo went furniture shopping with her daughter Emme, 14, and was photographed wearing an engagement ring earlier this year.

Jennifer then broke the news to her followers via a video message on her newsletter, in which she can be seen wiping away tears and saying, “You’re wonderful” before showing off her stunning green diamond engagement ring.

Before finally getting married in 2004, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had been engaged since late 2002. They eventually moved on to other relationships, including marriage and children, but the exes got back together around a year ago and haven’t been seen apart since.

We have known for some time that they will eventually get married since they have been home searching together, frequently taking their children along, which is a clear hint that they intend to start a blended family. Even though the couple had numerous real estate offers fall through, they appear to have finally found a home in Beverly Hills.

Ben Affleck

A month ago, Jen’s automobile was sighted visiting a big Beverly Hills mansion. There were also moving trucks at both Ben and Jen’s present residences in the Los Angeles region, as well as four outside the estate. Apparently, Ben Affleck paid roughly $60 million for the home, which was not publicly advertised. Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman were the previous owners. They are now officially a married couple and will be moving in together.

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