Alvin Kamara Arrested For Battery After Pro-Bowl Game


Alvin Kamara could face up to 15 years if convicted.

Alvin Kamara, the standout running back for the New Orleans Saints, was arrested for Battery in Las Vegas on Saturday night after reportedly beating up someone at a nightclub.

According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, police were summoned at 5:50 p.m. on February 5th in response to a complaint of a person being “battered” at a local nightclub.

Alvin Kamara

After conducting an investigation, police found that Kamara was reportedly the one who delivered the beating. According to police, they were able to locate down the five-time Pro Bowler on Sunday and haul him into arrest without incident.

On Sunday, Alvin was in Las Vegas for the NFL Pro Bowl… and he actually participated in the game, catching four receptions for a total of 23 yards on six targets.

According to jail records, Kamara is still in custody… and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. Battery Resulting in Substantial Bodily Injury is a crime and a felony in the state of Nevada. If found guilty, AK might face a sentence of 1-15 years in prison.

Alvin Kamara

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