Abeni Nazeer Releases Sneak Peak Trailer For Movie “Sin”


Abeni Nazeer’s work on this movie is phenomenal.

The sneak peak “Sin” trailer, directed by Abeni Nazeer better known as AB, and starring Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jr. and Fresh’s Sean Nelson, premiered today. We think this suspense film will have a significant cultural influence because of its compelling premise, inventive directing, and stellar acting.

Hip-Hop Icon Dana Dane On The Set Of Sin.

The Story Line Behind The Movie:

Sasha, a single mother, is addicted to drugs and in a dangerous relationship that she has to escape from before it kills her. She makes the unfortunate decision to befriend a girl named Sin, who eventually influences her toward a life of crime. The plot thickens as Sasha stops communicating with her kid and starts hanging out with Sin. Dutch, a brilliant writer, penned the script. Sin demonstrates that projections may accomplish wonders if the tale is good. Abeni Nazeer has done an excellent job at the helm, keeping us wondering right up to the very end. Bella Blaq’s strong personality and exceptional performance will open doors and earn her universal acclaim.

Bella Blaq as Sin, Jhonni Blaze, Angel Love as Sasha, Kiyanne, Trini Leu (The Girl Gang)

Who Produced the movie Sin?

Under the Wynn Publications banner, Sin was produced by the likes of hip-hop superstar Dana Dane, success story producer Luc Stephen, and seasoned veteran Shawn Baker. Wynn Publications is a small company that puts out movies, scripts, and books. Sin, the film, was created by Lindel Wynn’s firm, which is made up of authors, film producers, editors, videographers, and illustrators.

Dana Dane, a prominent figure in the Hip Hop community, was an early innovator in the rap scene in the 1980s. Thanks in large part to his groundbreaking tale raps on tracks like “Nightmares” and “Cinderfella Dana Dane,” his self-titled debut album from 1987 became the first rap album by a single Brooklyn artist to be certified gold. The album, which turned 30 in 2017, not only earned him a nomination for Best Album of the Year at the Soul Train Music Awards but also became a cultural touchstone for the previous three decades.

Shiggy BTS of Sin

Wynn Publications assembled a talented group of artists to illustrate this tale. Director AB adds, “The producers of Sin provided me the perfect energy I needed for my film debut; we really became a family, and every single individual played a significant role.” The unexpected turn in the SIN teaser earned the movie its sinister moniker, and it was widely praised. I was wondering if any of you have seen the Sin movie teaser. Have you enjoyed it? Leave a comment and let us know.

Watch The Trailer Below:

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