50 Cent Robbed For Millions In Cash And Jewelry True Or False?


50 Cent shut down rumors of being robbed at a party but one of his businesses was.

When 50 Cent appears, all eyes are on him and his every move since he is one of the most well-known characters in Hip Hop and the entertainment business. Tony Yayo’s birthday celebration at the Atlantis New York drew 50 people on Tuesday (March 29), and there were suspicions that the G-Unit general had been robbed.

50 came at a blog site for trying to get the alleged story but messaging people who attended the party. Despite the fact that these recent claims seem to be unfounded, 50 Cent was robbed last year. Three guys stormed into a rented corporate apartment for one of his businesses in January and seized $3 million in cash and jewels, according to reports.

Following a 5-month investigation, the perpetrators were apprehended and charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, receiving stolen items, and criminal mischief.

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