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42 Dugg Arrested For Failure To Surrender In Detroit

42 Dugg was supposed to surrender to serve a six-month jail term.

On his way back from Memphis, Tennessee, 42 Dugg was detained in his hometown of Detroit on Thursday (May 5). According to The Detroit News, federal investigators apprehended the Detroit rapper for failing to surrender and fulfilling a six-month jail sentence.

42 Dugg

42 Dugg’s newest arrest comes after a litany of legal issues. He was arrested in March 2020 on federal firearms charges for illegally possessing a firearm. He was caught again in August 2020, barely two months after eluding authorities.

42 Dugg and his legal team began negotiating a plea deal for the gun accusation, which carries a potential penalty of ten years. He was able to escape jail time and receive probation as a result of the plea deal. However, his probation was overturned shortly after, and he was sentenced to six months in prison and two years of supervised release.

The 26-year-old singer reportedly requested a fight with 6ix9ine in exchange for a $500k payday. After Dugg chastised him for “ambushing” Lil Durk’s lookalike, the two rappers traded internet shots.

On April 12, Dugg was supposed to surrender and go to a West Virginia prison, but he didn’t. He now faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

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